EXSIL Silica

Independent Control of Pore Diameter, Pore Volume and Surface Area


Our novel manufacturing route allows unsurpassed control of the

fundamental structural parameters of silica. Pore diameters from 80 to 1000Å

are combined with pore volumes of 0.5 to 1.5 cc/g to allow the engineering of

particles for defined purposes with excellent reproducibility (RSD less than 3%).

Conventional processes apply a fixed manufacturing protocol to a variable raw

material leading to the variability being passed on to the end product.

The Exsil process is adaptable to the input variability of the raw materials and
allows the output to be consistent.

The resultant silicas when bonded using robust proprietary methods form the basis
of highly reproducible chromatographic phases.

Since 1985, only one batch of Exsil silica has failed final QC and the level of in the
field quality problems associated with bonded products is less than 0.25%.

The ability to design silicas with specific physical properties and to bond these
using proven, reliable methodology has allowed Exmere to offer a wide range of
value phases which provide alternatives to current phases which may have
become unreliable or have been subject to either restricted availability or
significant price increases.


The market position of these phases owes much to the independent
chromatography supplier which has invested heavily in sustained promotion of the
brand name(s). The Exsil range of phases allows the independent supplier to
continue to support their customer base in the face of restrictive availability or
excessive pricing of the branded products.


Although the ability to match conventional media is important, new and novel
products are essential for growth and in this area Exmere has made significant
advances with the following first to market products:

  • 3μm Wide Pore Silica, Reversed phase and Ion exchanger.


  • ODS-B, Octyl -B. Most base deactivated phase for use without buffers.


  • 1.5μm totally porous production technology .


  • 0.1 µm to 1.5 µm non-porous silica beads for UHPLC Phases


Many novel phases are under development and further first to market products
can be expected.


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