130 Å,
0.63 cc/g,
194 m2/g
Type A Silica and Bonded Phases

  • Lower retention than Exsil 100 phases.
  • Better alternative for current 120Å media.
  • Type A phase for simple compounds.
  • Wide range of phases.
  • Available in 1.5, 3, 5 and 10 particle sizes.

The Avanti range was developed to meet the need for a range of phases based on a Type A silica which are less retentive than the standard 80 and 100 ranges and provide a closer match to current established commercial 120 - 150Å media.

A wide range of bonded phases are available which in many cases utilise different bonding protocols to the standards Exsil 80/100 range to provide enhanced differentiation in selectivity. The standard 3 and 5μm particle sizes are supplemented with a 1.5μm ODS phase for rapid analysis systems.

ODS - Monomeric endcapped.
C8 (2) - Monomeric endcapped.
Ph (1) - Monomeric, uncapped.
CN (1) - Monomeric, uncapped.
NH2 (2) - Monomeric, uncapped, not acetone treated.

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