Exsil Clasico

Type A Silica and Bonded Phases

  • Alternative to Spherisorb
  • Available in 3, 5 and 10 μm particle sizes

Although the Exsil 80 and Exsil 100 ranges provide a reliable alternative to Spherisorb, some of the phases have been found to no longer be sufficiently close for some applications. This has led us to develop the Clasico range that draws upon our experience with the 80/100 range to design the closest alternative to Spherisorb for a limited range of phases.


These are currently ODS-2 , ODS-1, C8 and CN.


Other phases are in development and we can supply these for specific problems
where the Exsil 80/100 equivalent is not fully compatible.

More informations: info@exmere.eu

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