Avanti BDS

Alternative to Hypersil BDS range of phases.
Extended range including 3 μm

Pore Size: 145 (+/-5) Å,

Pore Volume: 0.68 ml/g,

Surface Area: 186 m2/g
Particle sizes: Available in 1.5, 3, 5 and 10 particle sizes.
Phases: Silica, C8, CN, C18 and Quattro.

The Avanti BDS range was developed to meet the need for a range of base deactivated reversed phases based on a Type B silica which are less retentive than the standard 80 and 100 ranges and provide a closer match to current established commercial BDS 120 - 150Å media. C18, C8 and CN phases are available in industry standard 3 and 5 μm particle sizes and are fully end capped.

Avanti BDS Quattro.

A polar embedded phase that gives excellent peak shape and low retention for difficult bases at pH 7. Acids, bases and chelates are readily eluted as sharp peaks at pH 2 using TFA.

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